Saturday, 19 May 2012

Look like a doll with easy ingredients....

You don't need contact lenses and hair dye to look like a doll, in fact I saw prettiest dolls of the year who looked like this: Grey eyes and Black hair Grey eyes and Brown hair Grey eyes and Dark Blonde hair Grey eyes and Light blonde hair Grey eyes and Ginger/Red hair Blue eyes and Black Hair Blue eyes and Dark Blonde hair Blue eyes and Light blonde hair Blue eyes and Brown Hair Blue eyes and Ginger/Red hair And on and on... so we should start with the basics-hair. What colour is your hair? Everyone has a natural charm in them-and that is their hair colour. Is it straight, wavy or curly? Refer to those instructions to start your hair. Straight Hair- You might want to: Straighten it out completely-with a hair straightener Put gel on-And then style might just want to style the ends, or give yourself side spikes for an anime style! Curl it-Plaits for a neat, miniature look,Buns for a flowy and neat look or curlers for a springy, loose look. Cut it-Lots of fun so try out different combinations Style it-Buns,Plaits, Ponytails? All up to you Wavy Hair- You can do all of the straight hair ones...maybe curl it even more! Curly- All of the above! Top tip-You might want to take a doll and copy how it looks like-it's a good help! Cool fact-If you pluck out a straight hair it's wavy alone. Experiment with looks, hairpins, hair bands....possibilities are endless! Now we will work on our faces. Everyone has a beautiful face. Find out how to look good! Skin-Put on Nourisher to prevent spots, dolls don't have spots! Now scrub using a cotton pad, and put on Nivea cream for a finishing touch. Eyes-Widen them slightly, or narrow. Nose-Prevent spots and wrinkles, refer to skin. Mouth-Pucker up, then gently loose. Your lips will have a nice shape. This time we are going for make-up,so raid your bag! Face-If you haven't got a very white foundation, you can do: Apply Nivea cream and then attach flour for a good look. Apply lots of Nivea cream Use powedery white eyeshadow Or any light make up Now you have white skin-well done! Eyes-There are millions of combinations but we will do one...sadly. First Apply low volume mascara. Then medium volume, and high volume. Now time for eye shadow. In this combination we will do pinks. Apply a dark shade down, and then lighter shades working up.Now do the same on your lower lid. Now add a pink blusher and we will progress to the lips. It's good to apply heavy layers of lip gloss. Now it's time for clothes. Use light, floaty cothes such as gowns and nice, precious jewellery. There!

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